Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

5 Couple Jigs

Here are some Scottish Country Dances which are danced in jig tempo, in 5 couple sets -

This list should provide a good sample of the 5 Couple Jigs available with cribs on this site, and is not likely to be complete.

Airie Bennan
Anne And Five Partners
Atlantic Crossing
Black Swans Of Narrabeen
Bob Gilmour's Return To Scotland
Brisk Young Lad
Burntisland Jig
Celtic Crossing
Chasing The Wild Goose
Drummer's Daunder
Dusky Dolphins
Entente Florale
Fingask Castle
Five Penny Ness
Flock Of Geese
Half Century Jig
Humming Bird
John Cass
Jovial Gentleman
Joyce MacLeod
Juliana's Jig
Lady In Pink
Lady In Red (Scott)
Lesslie Jig
Meopham Green
Mideltone Silver
Midnight Oil
Miller Of Sessnie
Move It
Muckle Burn
Pipe Opener
Piper's Leg
Plum Tree Jig
Quincentenary Jig
Raspberry Ripple
Rubber Duck's Jig
Safe Anchorage
Ship In Full Sail
Silver Wedding (Ferguson/Noden)
Sprig Of Heather
Squinty Bridge
Startled Rabbits
Telford Anniversary Jig
Three Rs
Tolsta Rant
Tourists In Cambridge
Travelling Men
Vintage Simon
Wake Up Ones
Waves Of Tory
Welcome To Nerja
Who Cares

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