Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Lewis N Derrick

Dances Devised By The Scottish Country Dance Deviser - L. N. Derrick

75th Anniversary Medley
What You Will
A. B. Paterson's Jig
Ainster Laddie
Anne's Dancing Duster
Annette Musker's Hornpipe
Ann Gibb's Strathspey
Archbishop Sharp's Jig
Arms Of St Andrews
As Time Will Serve Her
Ashintully Castle
Bejant Royal
Belfast Hooley
Bill Forbes' Rant
Bonnie Belinda
Bonnie Benbecula
Bulling Boots
Carole Menzies' Reel
Cat Among The Pigeons
Chairman's Chain
Chrys Greenyer's Jig
College Echoes
Coral Wedding
Creetown Lassie
Daffodil Jig
Dancing On The Dole
Daunder In Dovedale
Dervaig House
Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge
Duke And Duchess Of Cornwall
Duke And Duchess Of Sussex
Eileen Watt's Strathspey
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson's Strathspey
Elizabeth Lye's Strathspey
Elsie's Dance
Farewell To Finchampstead
Fiona Stapleton's Strathspey
Forsake Not The Lomonds
Gardners' Rant
Georgie's Jig
Gibson's Large And Gibson's Small
Graceful Strathspey
Greeting Greta
Happy House Martins
High Park Blacksmith
Honest George
Irene Bennett's Strathspey
Irene's Rant
It's A Dying Art
It's In The Bag
James Crichton Of Eliock's Strathspey
John Honey's Hornpipe
Jo Mansfield's Rant
Jumping Joan
Kate Kennedy's Reel
Kelley's Aye
Lady Irvine's Jig
Lewisian Reel
Luke Brady's Reel
Madcap Maggie
Marie Curie's Reel
May In Minginish
May McGregor's Strathspey
McGhie's Fancy
McGhie's Seat
McGhie The Moudie-Catcher
Merrick Rant
Miss Davies' Delight
Miss Harvey's Hornpipe
Miss Mary Ann Baxter Of Balgavies
Mistress Dean's Rant
Mixter-Maxter Medley
Mollie Shippey's Strathspey
Mr And Mrs R. J. Ross
Mr Luke's Reel
Mrs Erskine's Fancy
Napier's Bones
Pauline's Red Robbins
Paying The Piper
Pearl Of Scotland
Peggy McGhie's Reel
Persian Dance
Plate That Came By Itself
Proof O' The Pudding
Quinary Strathspey
Razzle-Dazzle Reel
Reading Round Reel
Real McGhie
Ricki Robb's Reel
Rustington Reel
Saturday Strathspey
Sawney Bean's Reel
See The Cuddy Kick
Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Medley
Shadows On The Scores
Sheila Gardiner's Strathspey
Shine On Scotland
Silver Arrow
Sir David Lindsay Of The Mount's Strathspey
Sir Hugh Lyon Playfair's Jig
Spread Eagle
St Andrew's Platinum Reel
St John's Jig (Derrick)
St Margaret's Knot
Tablet Maker's Reel
Take It Or Leave It
Three Wild Lads
Tread We A Measure
Twa Auld Hens
Valerie Craig's Reel
Whale Rock
Wig-Maker's Son
Wooden Legged Whistler
You Must Stir It And Stump It