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Le Moulin Rouge
Le Moyne And Roger Farrell Of Ithaca
Le Papillon
Le Quatorze Juillet
Lea Rig
Leandor's Jig
Leap Year
Leaping Salmon
Leasowe Castle
Leaving Benbecula
Leaving Lunga
Leaving Of The Rise
Leaving Portree
Leccamore Jig
Left About
Left In Isolation Jig
Left Is The New Right
Left Of Center
Left-Handed Fiddler
Left-Handed Tushker
Legacy (Border Book)
Legacy (Goddard)
Legacy Of Pearls
Leith Country Dance
Lena's Kitchen
Lennox Love To Blantyre
Les Cinq Chapeaux
Les Ghillies à Crampons
Les Remparts De Séville
Les Voyageurs
Lesley Nixon's Reel
Lesley's Medley
Leslie's Strathspey (Campbell)
Leslie's Strathspey (Drewry)
Lesslie Jig
Let The Hackles Rise
Let Us Dance At Medowie
L'été à Paris
Letham Ladies
Let's All Join In
Let's Bike It
Let's Celebrate! (Petyt)
Let's Celebrate (Wilde)
Let's Celebrate (Wood)
Let's Dance Before It Rains
Let's Dance Together
Let's Get This Sorted!
Let's Go For A Whirl
Let's Have A Ceilidh
Let's Meet Again (Butterfield)
Let's Meet Again (Dewar)
Leven Bridge
Lewis And Colin's Rant
Lewisian Reel
Liam Thomas
Liam's Jig
Librarian's Daughter
Library Of Birmingham
Licence To Reel
Lichted Ha' (Drewry)
Lichted Ha' (Mitchell)
Lieutenant Shortland's Reel
Lieutenant Zachary Hicks
Life Begins
Life Begins At Fifty
Life Begins At Forty
Life With Linda
Light And Airy
Light And Shade (Carter)
Light And Shade (Robertson)
Light As Air
Light Hearted Una
Light Of Hope
Light On The Water
Light On The Waters
Like Ane Bewitch'd
Like Snow On The River
Like The Morningstar
Like To Fa'
Lilburn Tower
Lilian's Wedding
Lilt It Pair On Pair
Lily Amangst The Heather
Lily In The Valley
Lincluden Abbey
Lincoln Imp
Linden's Diamond
Lindisfarne Reel
Lindisfarne Strathspey
Lindsay's Fancy
Linen Looms
Link Aroon
Linked Circle
Linkin' Ower The Lea
Links O' Forth
Links With St Petersburg
Linktown Strathspey
Linlithgow Palace
Linn Of Dee Medley
Linnea's Strathspey
Linton Ploughman
Lion Gate
Lions International
Liquid Assets
Lisburn Lad
Little Bit Of Monty
Little Cascade
Little Girl In Red Shoes
Little Hush
Little Leigh
Little Ross Light
Little Strathspey
Live Long And Prosper
Liverpool Lass

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