Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Sue McKinnell

Dances Devised By The Scottish Country Dance Deviser - S. McKinnell

A Team
After All These Years
Afternoon Nap
Alaina's Bus Stop Jig
Arboreal Lace
Auld Red Cat
Away And Back Again
Back To The Barn
Bag O' Shells
Bangers And Mash
Barbara's Strathspey
Belle Of The Ball (McKinnell)
Bend In The River
Betsy Ross
Beware The Wheelers
Bicycle Chain
Big Banff Critter
Bit O' Birl
Black Powder Rifle
Bow Tie Reel
Bricks And Mortar
Bubble Sort
Buckeye's Reel
But Carlyn, Who's Counting?
Butter Churn (McKinnell)
Carefree Highway
Careful, Not Crazy
Catnip Mice
Celtic Braid
Celtic Ghost
Chasing Castles
Chasing The Red Dot
Chicago Silver
Christmas Candy
Cloud Cover
Coin Collector
Copy Cat
Cotton Candy
Covered By Autumn Leaves
Crossing The Deadly Desert
Custom Builder
Double Duty 2
Double Nickel(s)
Fanwood Frolic
Fly The W
Follow Me
Fox River
Friends From Overseas
Fun At Fermi
Ghost And Mary Jo
Gifts (McKinnell)
Glen Cairn
Great Big Sea
Great Mandala
Holly's Joy
Home Again
House On Dell Lane
It's A Reel Thing
Jack Pumpkinhead
Jingle Bells
Ladies Of A Certain Age
Lake Louise
Lakewood High
Lavender Strathspey
Left Of Center
Lovely Hall
Magic Dishpan
Mary Helen's Big Day
Memories Of Skye
Mirror, Mirror
Moment Of Coalescence
Needy Kneader
No Ghosts A-Roamin'
Old Waterwheel
Out Among The Stars
Peony Flower
Perpetual Motion
Piece O' Cake
Pinball Wizard
Pluto's Head
Reversal Of Fortune
Rye Twist
San Francisco Surprise
Satin And Lace
Silken Knot
Snake Bit
Spring Daffodils
St Albans Reel
Sugar On Snow (McKinnell)
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Surrender
Thor's Hammer
Tigger Bounce
Trip To Scotland
Tungsten Turkey
Wandering Eggplant
Waves On The Sea
Weird Sisters
Witching Hour
World Turned Upside Down (McKinnell)
Xs And Os

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